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True Blood’s Todd Lowe in New Play, “Day Drinkers”

Romance, Comedy, and Alcohol - a Winning Combination: Truebies in the Southern California area, you’re in luck! We have a special offer for you: discount tickets to see True Blood’s Todd Lowe, otherwise known as Terry Bellefleur, in a new comedic play! Written by Justin Tanner, the play is titled Day Drinkers. It centers on a dive bar in downtown Los Angeles, and the love lives (or lack thereof) of its patrons and owners. According to reviews, it really delivers — you’ll have an

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Breaking News - True Blood’s Manganiello and Fiancée Split

Is True Blood’s Wolf on the Prowl? Us Weekly has confirmed with multiple sources that our favorite werewolf on True Blood and his real-life fiancée have split up. Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux) and Audra Marie became engaged in October 2010, during a trip to Italy. According to an insider, the breakup was “A long time coming”. Even though they looked very happy, from an outsider’s perspective, apparently things started going south this spring. We sincerely wish them both

More True Blood… Responds to - Season 4 True Blood Finale takes on TVDoneWright and it’s WAR! OK, maybe not war exactly. We were a bit over excited by the attack on the witch shop last episode! Our buddy over at has a critique of the season and while we here at agree with some of his points, we disagree with others so we thought it would be fun to respond point to point (although we wont’ reprint his whole article here and you should head over to to catch all his well thought

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A Tribute to Tommy

We Say Goodbye to a Character: During episode nine of season 4, titled “Let’s Get Out of Here”, Tommy Mickens (Marshall Allman) who plays Sam Merlotte’s (Sam Trammell) brother, again shifts into Sam. He is able to “skinwalk” because he killed his parents. We found out that could happen from Luna, Sam’s love interest. Her mother died giving birth to her, and she shifted into her mother once. Tommy shifts into Sam to protect him from werewolf pack leader Marcus, who was married

More True Blood… Exclusive: Meet True Blood’s Newest Sheriff — Blackburn — Aaron Perilo!

True Blood’s Newest vampire Sheriff Recently had the chance to chat with one of the new True Blood vampire sherrif’s, Blackburn, played by Aaron Perilo. Described in his bio as: The Omaha, NE native honed his acting skills in theater productions on both local and national levels before landing television roles on various series, among them NBC’s “American Dreams,” Disney’s “Suite Life on Deck,” CBS’s “CSI: Miami” and ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy.” Of

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HBO’s True Blood Renewed for Season 5!

Alan Ball Signed July 28th In July Alan Ball signed a contract with HBO for several other series and to stay on for Season 5 of True Blood. Ball said Thursday during HBO’s presentation at the summer Television Critics’ Association tour stop that he has inked a deal for another year on the series, effectively tipping the network’s hand that a fifth-season renewal could be imminent. “There will be an end for me at some point but I just closed a deal to do another season,” he said.

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Sam Trammell of True Blood Welcomes Twin Boys!

Congrats to Sam and Missy! confirmed that Sam Trammell and long time girlfriend Missy Yager gave birth to twin boys yesterday August 12. No info was given except that they were twin boys once more info is released we will let you know. We here at want to congratulate the happy couple on the arrival of the baby boys. Trubies if you want to give the couple congrats please leave a comment below in the comment section. Source: - True Blood’s Sam

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A Plea from Kristin Bauer — Emergency Home for Paloma

Kristin Bauer Reaches Out Kristin has asked us to pass this along to anyone who can help. What a beautiful dog. If you can help or know someone who can, please contact We rescued Paloma at one of Best Friends super adoptions and have cared for her for three long years. After the recent major knee surgery, which she’s doing better than expected, and dreading three years in a kennel cell, we thought she got a break — she’s been in a foster home for the

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Ask Dr. L — The Return of Dr. Ludwig!

Watch for Dr. Ludwig to return to True Blood this Sunday Aug 7, 2011! For a small fortune (and the promise of a steady supply of medicinal quality V) has gotten Dr. L to agree to answer your supernatural medical questions. Ask Dr. L is written by Dr. L (any resemblance to any characters living, dead or undead is purely coincidental), also known as Doctor to the Supernaturals, and was founded by her mother, Philine Paullips. It is the most popular and widely syndicated

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Marcia de Rousse as Dr Ludwig Returns to True Blood!

We all love the irrascible Dr. Ludwig, and this Sunday, August 7, 2011, Marcia de Rousse will reprise her role as doctor to the Supes! Dr. Ludwig will have a face off with our beloved Pam (Kristin Bauer) in “Cold Grey Light of Dawn” the 7th episode of season 4. That’s not all that happens in this episode, of course. According to IMDB: With Marnie empowered by spirits of the dead, Bill issues an unpopular order to save vampires from the light. Eric embraces his amnesia; Luna discovers

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Carrie Preston, True Blood’s Arlene, Dishes to TV Fanatic

Carrie Preston Talks Behind the Scenes with a Baby Recently, TV Fanatic spoke with Carrie Preston, who plays Arlene Fowler on True Blood. Carrie dishes about last week’s True Blood’s episode, “Burning Down the House”, where Arlene’s suspicious about baby Mikey being possessed escalate when her house burns down. Overall, Arlene has stepped into the spotlight more than ever this season. She labels the baby arc as “very exciting and fun,” although it “presents challenges.” Such

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A Little Birdie Told Me — True Blood PSAs

New PSAs From True Blood For “It Gets Better”: Welcome Truebies to the new column, “A Little Birdie Told Me”. Here I will write about what the True Blood cast members are up to, from what they put up on Twitter and Facebook. The Twitter and Facebook pages are verified by HBO so we know that it’s the real actors and crew members. I HOPE YOU ENJOY! This first article is courtesy of Kristin Bauer van Straten, and The Trevor Project, “It Gets Better”. Kristin posted the PSA to

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True Blood Composer Nathan Barr at Comic Con

True Blood star Janina Gavanker and composer Nathan Barr attend Comic Con composer panel During the panel Q & A, True Blood star Janina Gavanker, Luna, introduced herself and thanked Nathan for his great musical contributions to the show. She stated that his music really gives the characters more depth and life, including Luna. The other panelists in the group picture are L-R Christopher Young, Robert Duncan, Danny Jacob, Helene Muddiman, James Levine, Edward Rogers, and

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See Anna Camp in “All New People” on Broadway — Contest!

Zach Braff Premieres His Play, “All New People”: We have a contest and special deal for you, Truebies! In order to promote Anna Camp’s new play, “All New People”, we are sharing with you how to get a $15-$30 discount on tickets. For those who don’t remember, Camp played the innocently misled Sarah Newlin, wife of FOTS leader Steve Newlin. The Fellowship of the Sun was indirectly responsible for the little “sucking” incident between Sookie and Eric during Season 3, among other much more

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